Speaking for the Occasion

Preparing for a life-changing moment like a critical presentation, keynote, wedding speech or eulogy?

Feeling apprehensive?

Need some support in crafting and rehearsing?

This arrangement sees you receive three coaching sessions (75 minutes each) with me, scheduled by appointment for your convenience. 

The three sessions will cover:

  • Transforming Your Mindset - this provides opportunity for you to challenge your anxieties and reframe your thinking around speaking in public;

  • Delivery for Impact - acquiring and practising the techniques of powerful delivery and engaging speaking;

  • Crafting the Speech - finalising the structure, content and applying learned techniques to the finished product.

You will also receive a 30-minute rehearsal call in the two weeks prior to the event for peace of mind.

I look forward to helping you exercise the courage to start your journey to becoming a more powerful speaker and reaping the rewards in your personal and professional life.