Powerful Speaking: Presentation Skills Training Day for Leaders & Teams

Simon Day delivers presentation skills training across the UK.

If you are seeking to build your people, gain a competitive edge and see considerable return on investment, presentation skills training for client-facing leaders and colleagues should be a top priority. Client relations, returning customers, revenue growth and employee engagement are more likely to flourish with improved communication – and be impacted negatively by poor communication.

Powerful Speaking will help delegates challenge their speaking anxiety, boost their confidence, refine their communication and presentation skills and put them into practice. 

We will explore:

  • Common triggers of public speaking anxiety and how to combat them;
  • utilising nerve-management techniques, physical and vocal strategies to project confidence when presenting;
  • how to structure a powerful presentation, harnessing the power of storytelling and avoiding death-by-PowerPoint;
  • how to use language for impact and refine delivery techniques;
  • opportunities to practise delivering in a safe space and receive expert feedback from an award-winning speaker. Prizes and awards make for some fun and healthy competition!

How it works:

Team size is between 3-12 delegates. The day runs from 9:30am-4:30pm, inclusive of comfort breaks and lunch.

If the training day is hosted internally, a flat fee of £2500 is applicable; refreshments and lunch will need to be sourced by the hosting organisation.

Alternatively, this day can be hosted externally at the beautiful Bagden Hall Hotel, just 10 minutes off J38 of the M1. In this case, refreshments and lunch are provided and the investment is as follows:

Teams of 3-5: £295 per delegate

Teams of 6-9: £250 per delegate

Teams of 10-12: £225 per delegate

Should you be based further afield and wish to discuss an alternative external location, I am happy to make additional enquiries to find a suitable venue and provide a bespoke quotation based on the venue, travel and accommodation as required.

Contact me to outline your requirements; I look forward to speaking with you!

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