Powerful Presenting: Presentation Skills Training for Leadership & Executive Teams

Simon Day delivers presentation skills training across the UK.

Presentation and communication skills training for leaders and teams should be a top priority. Client relations, business growth and employee engagement are more likely to suffer with poor communication – and flourish with improved communication.

Powerful Presenting will help participants challenge their speaking anxiety, boost their confidence, refine their communication and presentation skills and put them into practice – and bond as a team in the process! 

We will explore:

  • Common triggers of public speaking anxiety and how to combat them;
  • utilising nerve-management techniques, physical and vocal strategies to project confidence when presenting or pitching;
  • how to structure a powerful presentation, harnessing the power of storytelling and avoiding death-by-PowerPoint;
  • how to use language for impact and refine delivery techniques;
  • opportunities to practise delivering in a safe space and receive expert feedback from an award-winning speaker.

This training can be hosted on-site, off-site or an adapted version of this training can be delivered online to large or global teams.

Contact me to outline your requirements; I look forward to speaking with you!

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