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I know how it feels to sit in the shadows, terrified of public speaking and communication. I know how it feels to undertake a journey of self-discovery and transformation, empowered by exceptional coaches and mentors. I know how it feels to craft winning speeches and win awards at UK level, tasting the victory that comes after the fear and the struggle.

This 3-month, personalised coaching programme will have me at your side, fighting in your corner. We’ll explore your current speaking style, challenge limiting beliefs and equip you with the tools to become a powerful communicator ready to stand up, speak out and spark improvement in your confidence, leadership abilities, career prospects and relationships.

The six sessions are between 60-90 minutes long, every two weeks and you will receive a PDF progress report following each one.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn in this mastery programme:

  • Setting objectives, exploring your speaking style, identifying and challenging limiting beliefs and understanding your inner dialogue;
  • Exploring effective speaking tools, practising nerve management techniques and delivery for impact;
  • The art of storytelling and structuring presentations – tips and techniques for telling compelling stories and how to organise your content;
  • The art of rhetoric and political oratory; investigating great speakers of the past and applying their techniques to your content;
  • Creating the structural outline of a powerful presentation; incorporating the techniques of speechcraft in rehearsal and delivery;
  • Rehearsal, delivery, reflection and maintenance steps.

Options are available for a monthly retainer following the completion of the initial 3-month programme.

Some people call it executive coaching, some call it leadership coaching, others call it communications coaching. Whatever the name, the most important element in a successful coaching partnership is finding a coach that is relatable, understanding and willing to hold you accountable for achieving the goals that you set. Having battled anxiety and fear, I coach from a position of unique understanding am able to empower clients in their pursuit of courage, self-confidence, impactful leadership and greater career opportunities - all by refining their communication and presentation skills.

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