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Designed to fit around you, these online public speaking and presentation skills courses can be completed in your own time, at your own pace and wherever you are most comfortable.

Available for individuals, teams or entire organisations anywhere in the world, these courses ensure the decision to undertake your own personal and professional development is straightforward. Pick your course and let's get started.

The Interview

Applying for a new role?
Anxious about interviews?
Wondering how to appear more confident and composed in a pressure situation?

This short course will provide you with tips, tools and techniques in order to make a compelling application, an excellent impression at interview and progress towards securing your next role.


Presentation Skills: The Essentials

Challenge your anxiety, build your foundational public speaking skills and get started on your journey to becoming a more powerful communicator with this on-demand, instant-access course.


The Powerful Presenter

An in-depth course designed to equip you with physical, vocal, linguistic and rhetorical tools that will help you lift your speaking and presentation skills to a whole new level.


Better Speaker,

Better Teacher

Designed for educators, this course will help you refine your speaking skills to have more impact in your classes, lectures and presentations.


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