Keynote Speaking

Simon delivers presentation skills training and keynote speeches across the UK.

In 2013, I was unemployed – I had quit my job through fear of public speaking. I recognised that my life was spiralling; my confidence, career prospects and relationships were all suffering. Central to all of this was a crippling anxiety around communication. I felt vastly inferior and therefore terrified whenever I was called upon to present, speak in public, make a phone call or even to strike up a conversation with someone.

I was left with two choices: spend my life hiding in the shadows and risk losing everything, or find my voice.

My relentless pursuit of transformation has seen me become a UK award-winning speaker and presentation coach. I’ve worked with professionals from corporate, public sector and education backgrounds to craft conference speeches, keynotes, business presentations, pitches, video content, interviews and more.

Coupling my literary expertise in creative and speech-writing with my award-winning speaking experience, I deliver personalised coaching to help clients develop the courage and craft needed to speak up, stand out and secure results. To date, I’ve helped people secure significant promotions and helped generate more than £5 million from pitches won by clients across the UK and Europe.

With over 10 years’ experience in the education sector, I frequently support staff and students in schools, colleges and universities as an education consultant, speaker and coach, specialising in oracy and presentation skills training for both students and educators. I consult on oracy within the curriculum and speak frequently at education research conferences.

I’ve spoken to audiences across the UK, both in person and online, sharing my story and inspiring them to take control of their own. My stage or online keynote speaking empowers people to challenge their fears, communicate more meaningfully and unlock the door to greater opportunities.

Do you have an upcoming conference or online event that would benefit from an authentic, passionate, down-to-earth speaker that can inspire your audience to lift their vision? Get in contact to outline your requirements; I’d love to work with you.

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