Presentation Skills and Oracy Training for Students and Educators

It is a privilege to provide presentation skills and oracy training to groups of students, educators and leaders across the UK. It is one of the most rewarding parts of my work as a speaker, coach and educator to witness such wonderful people at work.

As a student, I was terrified of speaking. My worst fears were realised when I was asked to deliver an assembly to all of Year 11 and associated staff. It was one of the most frightening things I’d ever done. Since entering education in a professional capacity, I have endeavoured to ensure no student or colleague allows their fear or anxiety to silence them. Every voice deserves to be heard.

Having spent the last decade working in education alongside wonderfully talented educators and students, I’ve come to realise that the fear of speaking is much more prevalent – and persistent –  than you’d think. Whether it’s a young student battling to find their confidence and identity, a university student preparing for placement or employment interviews, a teacher preparing for a CPD session or promotion interview, or a leader seeking to inspire their colleagues, communication is a vital skill that has a significant impact on outcomes.

I run presentation skills and oracy masterclasses for secondary, further or higher education students, in-house or online oracy CPD sessions for staff and presentation skills training for emerging and senior leadership teams. I also provide consultancy on oracy in the curriculum and speak frequently at education research conferences.

I am available on a full-day basis for consultancy, keynote speaking, masterclasses, smaller group workshops, assemblies, one-to-one coaching sessions or any combination of the above.

Investment ranges from £1250 – £1950 depending on location, time and travel.  

Scroll down to see me in action, then submit the form below to discuss your requirements with me. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Inspired by a presentation skills confidence workshop at Leeds Trinity University in 2023 and with her permission, it is a delight to share this powerful and moving piece by Sophie Whitaker, a student at the university:

The Dream – 24.10.2023

The dream, I thought.
To fly high as a bird, to see the world from below and be able to go anywhere I please.
So carefree, not held back from things like bills, holding together a job, or having the confidence to communicate.
I’d love to be so high up in the sky and soar through the clouds like a bird.
But, I’ll never be a bird. Never be able to fly. Never have wings.
But. Will that stop me?
I may not have wings, but I can build them. I can construct something to take me as far as a bird can go.
I can go to university, I can build my skills, expand my knowledge, and gather more confidence to be who I am.
I can go, build, expand, and gather everything I need to get exactly to wherever I dream.
And go further. The wind and rain will not hold me back from soaring. I will preserve the willpower and strength.
And I can most definitely get there. Anyone can go, build, expand, and gather the tools.
The dream, to be as strong as a lion.
To be able to run and dodge hunters. To be able to choose a plot of land, and just decide that I now own this land.
And nobody will challenge that.
To be able to roar and speak my mind and everyone around me won’t be able to help but listen, fascinated.
But, the thing about a lion is I am not one.
I am a person – I’m a Sophie, to be specific.
And what does a Sophie have, that a lion does not?
The desire to improve.
The thing about a lion is it grows and develops its survival skills. To roar, to run, to hunt, to have a strong stance.
And then once it’s got there, it’s got there. It no longer needs to shout any louder because nobody dares ignore them.
But a Sophie. Oh my, a Sophie will keep going. Will never stop roaring what they need and what others can do to help.
Even if everyone listens, a Sophie will never be satisfied with having reached the finish line. A Sophie will look for the next race to run, the next step to improve.
I am already so much stronger than a lion. The next step, be stronger than a tank.
The dream to be as majestic and beautiful as an elephant.
To be able to be trudge along the Sahara, knowing nobody will ever reach their potential of beauty.
To be able to be covered head to toe in mud, and still catch a glistening eye as they pass.
Except, I can reach that potential. I already have.
The human brain is such a distinguished organ that we are still trying to fully understand. And what it inhabits, is so damn gorgeous.
Have you not ever thought about how amazing your body is?
It allows you to fly like a bird, to roar like a lion, and to live like an elephant.
We are all already so beautiful just as we exist.
I can be dressed in my most trashy lounge wear, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t change the confidence I have.
I am grateful for the system that has been gifted to me to be able to do everything and much more than I think I am capable of.
The dream has already been reached. But will I stop there? Absolutely not.

Sophie Whitaker (19) Leeds Trinity University

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