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Hi, I’m Simon Day – a presentation coach, trainer, speaker and consultant.

Public speaking was once my greatest fear. Now, it’s my greatest passion. Having lived with – and battled through – crippling presentation anxiety, I’m here to help you lose your fear and find your voice. Working with me as your presentation coach, let’s open new doors of opportunity through refining your ability to communicate, present and deliver your knowledge with greater assurance and influence.

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Simon Day is a presentation coach and public speaking expert based in the UK,
Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few of my clients’ experiences of working with me as their presentation coach:
“He is warm, intelligent and clearly hugely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. The tips and strategies he has shared have been invaluable and I can not thank him enough.”
Justine Gaubert
TedX Speaker & Business Owner
“The support was outstanding… I had a fear of presenting to large groups, but with Simon’s support I am much more confident. My next goal is to speak at a large conference.”
Debbie P.
Director, Strategic Innovation & Global Supply Chain
“Simon is perceptive, reads people well, has a natural gift for communicating and is adept at helping others maximise their potential. His understanding of the craft of speaking is profound.”
Peter M.
Senior Leader in Education
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