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BBC Radio 4 - SIDEWAYS Podcast - Matthew Syed - Tongue-Tied - Ep. #18

At a school assembly, 16-year-old Simon Day discovers an acute fear of public speaking. Faced with a crowd of expectant faces, panic begins to set in.

Soon, Simon finds that words fail him at almost every turn, threatening his career, relationships and, ultimately, his happiness.

Matthew Syed follows Simon’s journey to find his voice, uncovering the science of how we speak and the complex factors that leave us lost for words.

With Joe Moran, author of Shrinking Violets: The Secret Life of Shyness; psycholinguistics expert Dr Alissa Melinger; and former palliative care consultant Dr Kathryn Mannix, author of Listen: How to Find the Words for Tender Conversations.

Presenter: Matthew Syed
Producer: Pippa Smith
Series Editor: Katherine Godfrey
Music, Sound Design and Mix: Nicholas Alexander
Theme Music: Seventy Times Seven by Ioana Selaru
A Novel production for BBC Radio 4

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BBC Radio 4 - Sideways Podcast - Matthew Syed
Tongue-Tied - Simon Day - Episode 18

Who is Simon Day?

Once terrified of speaking in front of other people, I have been on an extraordinary journey of self- discovery and transformation. Now a UK award-winning speaker and coach, I am devoted to helping people just like you to conquer their fear, find their voice and master the craft of powerful speaking.

More About Simon

"He is warm, intelligent and clearly hugely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. The tips and strategies he has shared have been invaluable and I can not thank him enough."

Justine Gaubert

TEDx Speaker & Entrepreneur

"The support was outstanding... I had a fear of presenting to large groups, but with Simon’s support I am much more confident. My next goal is to speak at a large conference."


Director, Strategic Innovation & Global Supply Chain

“Simon is perceptive, reads people well, has a natural gift for communicating and is adept at helping others maximise their potential. His understanding of the craft of speaking is profound.”



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